between Lincoln and Valentine’s Day

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My birthday is between Lincoln’s birthday and Valentine’s Day. It is February 13. To be honest, I don’t think my husband actually ever knew the date of my birthday. He did know it was the day before Valentine’s Day. And if he started hearing commercials for Valentine’s Day he knew my birthday was coming. He was very thoughtful about purchasing gifts and cards – a little last-minute but thoughtful none the less.  One year he had been paying bills before he signed my birthday card and  absentmindedly signed my card  “love your hubby, Bruce Van Hine” I laughed when I read it and asked him “do I have so many husbands that you have to clarify which one.” I still have that card.

A Lincoln story: When I was a kindergarten aide, the students had a coloring page of a young Abe Lincoln staying in front of a log cabin. One of the boys colored Lincoln’s clothes to resemble camouflage. It was difficult to keep a straight face when I collected his paper.

 A Valentine’s Day memory; On the first Valentine’s Day after September 11, Bruce’s firehouse, Squad 41, sent me one dozen red roses. They actually send them to all 6 widows from their firehouse. It was an amazing gesture. I cried and also chuckled. You see those are the only roses I ever received on a Valentine’s Day. I always told Bruce “don’t buy me roses on Valentine’s Day.They are too expensive and we can’t afford it. Buy me flowers any day but Valentine’s Day.” And he did buy me flowers on other days and I am grateful 🙂

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