Happy Birthday, Bruce!


As I write this it is still July 24 in New York but I am on a plane to Japan and have flown over the international date line so it is July 25 in my part of the world. July 25 would have been Bruce’s birthday. There will be a white rose in his name at the National September 11Memorial.

Bruce, you would be so proud of your girls. They say and do things that remind me of you. They have grown into amazing, accomplished and compassionate young woman. Emily just finished her second Master’s degree and works for the University of Washington. You would enjoy visiting coffee houses with her and Scott. And you would have probably talked them into a hike of the mountains in the Seattle area. Meghan is a medical social worker and also has a Master’s degree. She and Kyle enjoy kayaking and you would have a good time hiking in PA as well.

As I reflect on our life together, I can echo our last conversation. Do you remember what you said as you got ready for work on Sunday September 9? You said “I am so blessed.” And I asked “why?” You responded “I am married to Miss Ann. We have two great girls. And we had a wonderful summer.” I am proud and very grateful that I was married to Bruce Van Hine. I wish it had been for longer than the 21 years we had. We do have two amazing daughters who have married two wonderful men. And life has been good. Many things have changed since 2001 but God has been faithfuI. I miss you. I love you. And I will see you again. “Happy Birthday, Bruce”

20140726-064351-24231379.jpg FYI: this morning the Memorial send me this photo.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bruce!

  1. Happy Birthday Bruce! You certainly would be proud of the wisdom, courage and strength of Miss Ann! Ann, thanks for sharing your life with us.


  2. Happy Birthday Bruce! You are missed and thought about often, We are so thankful to have had you in our lives, you and your family are people that you meet in your life that you will never forget. Thanks Miss Ann for sharing!


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