what I read vs. what it said

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The text I read last evening said “While we were cleaning there was a baby mouse/squirrel . We found him under the couch. Sorry two cleanings ago Meghan’s photo got broken. Let me know how much I owe you.” I am at the Barn (my weekend house), I am envisioning a baby squirrel running/flying/leaping/crawling around my house since Thursday. I am thinking how embarrassing my friend and cleaning person comes and there is a squirrel. How did it get in? Maybe when I left the door open to load the car, it ran in. The wheels of my mind are spinning – what, who, how, why!?! I send a text trying to appear calm and collected that said “Wow! Is he out of house now? Not sure how he got in. Don’t worry about the photo.” I immediately send a second text “I am at barn so haven’t been home.” I received the following text “lol no, no I’m sorry I should have mentioned that it is a stuffed animal =)” At which point I reread the original text. The exchange is below:


I share this story to remind myself (and others) to read, truly read every single word, don’t glance or scan or skim or even assume you know what is written, read.

This is the squirrel (I think it is actually a mouse) I had envisioned running/flying/leaping/crawling around my house. I truly hope it belongs to my daughter’s dog. I don’t remember it belonging to my dog and that would be truly embarrassing if it was Buster’s because he has been dead for years. 🙂


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