“Happy” Mother’s Day


This past week the “ads” for Mother’s Day have been relentless. Every time I heard or saw an ad for teddy bears, flowers and jewelry, I thought of the women who this Mother’s Day will be hard. I thought of my cousins who are experiencing the first Mother’s Day without their mom. I thought of my friends who have lost their mothers this past year. I thought of the mommies of the children killed in Newtown and Boston. I thought of the moms of those who have died while serving our country. I thought of the young women trying to have children and it isn’t “happening.” I thought of the moms of children with serious illnesses. I thought of the children with moms with serious illnesses. And then I said a prayer. A prayer that they would find peace. A prayer that they could remember the hugs and love without too much pain. A prayer that they would know that there is a Heavenly Father that loves them, their children and their moms.

Yesterday I had a lovely day out with friends. We are women who became friends because of our September 11 connection. One of my friends lost her only child on September 11. Another lost her youngest son on September 11. Still another lost her mom very recently. I was struck by it isn’t as simple as “making it through the first Mother’s Day since…” Mother’s Day will always be hard. So I pray that the good memories will outweigh the bad. That the loss will not overwhelm them. That there is someone around them to give a hug, a smile or an ear to listen. I pray that I can be that person to those I know.

I am blessed and stressed that both my mum and mother-in-law are still alive. It is a challenge walking through these days but I wouldn’t trade it. Happy Mother’s Day to Mum Clark and Mom Van Hine. I love you 🙂

Since I have aways worked with children, my daughters were accustom to “sharing me” whether it was at the studio, church or summer camp. There were times it was difficult for them to wait for me to be just their mom. They would even say “Miss Ann” when I didn’t respond to “MOM”. I would tell my girls that there are many children who call me “Miss Ann” but there are only two children in the whole world who call me “Mom”. I am very blessed.

4 thoughts on ““Happy” Mother’s Day

  1. Thank you, Ann. The ads have been making me a little crazy, I threw a few things in anger this week, not sure why, it didn’t really help. What did help was going out to my lilac bush, which for the first time in a few years is covered in blooms, and started clipping. All the while I “talked” to Mom. I think she had a hand in the multitude of blossoms on my lilac bush. They were always one of her favorites. I will go back out there on Sunday and have another chat. In the mean time, I am sending prayers for all the others you mention for whom this is a hard weekend, for my friend Kelly who’s son died last summer at the age of 24. Just too sad for words. Her heartache shouldn’t be. It’s not the natural order of things. At some pointing my life, I knew I would say goodbye to my mom, that is the natural order of things, and so I am learning to accept it. Very, very, slowly. Happy Mothers’ Day to you.


    • Debbie, Every time I heard an ad I thought of you and Susan and too many others. Praying seemed like the only thing I could do. Lilacs are one of my favorites. Take care of yourself. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Have a good Mother’s Day. Hugs and love, Ann


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